Semalt Expert Shares 10 Web Scraping Tools For Programmers

The web scraping applications or tools are used in different scenarios, extracting useful data for webmasters, scholars, journalists, programmers, developers, and bloggers. They help fetch data from multiple web pages and are widely used by the enterprises and market research firms. They are also used to scrape data from phone numbers and emails from different sites. Even if you are into shopping and want to track the prices of different products, you can use these web scraping tools and applications.

1. Cloud Scrape or

Cloud Scrape or supports the data collection from varying web pages and doesn't need to be downloaded on your device. It means this tool can be accessed and used online and has a comprehensive browser-based editor to get the things done for you. The extracted data can be saved in the CSV and JSON formats, and on and Google Drive.

2. Scrapinghub

It is a cloud-based scraper and data extraction application. This allows developers and webmasters fetch useful and informative data within seconds. Scrapinghub has been used by different bloggers and researchers so far. It has a smart proxy rotator, providing support against bad bots and scraping the entire site within an hour.

3. ParseHub

ParseHub is developed and designed to crawl single and multiple web pages at the same time; it is suitable for sessions, redirects, AJAX, Javascript, and cookies. This web scraping application uses a unique machine learning technology for recognizing the complicated web pages and scraping them in readable form.

4. VisualScraper

The best part of VisualScraper is that this exports data in formats like SQL, XML, CSV, and JSON. It is one of the coolest and most useful data scraping applications on the internet and helps extract and fetch the information in real-time. The premium plan will cost you $49 per month and lets you access more than 100k pages.


It is best known for its online builder and forms different datasets for the users. imports data from varying web pages and exports it CSV files. It is known for its advanced technology and is capable of fetching millions of pages per day. You can download and activate free of cost. It is compatible with Linux and Windows and synchronizes the online accounts.


It is one of the best data extraction applications. This tool provides easy and direct access to structured and real-time data and crawls a variety of web pages. It can get you desired results in more than 200 languages and saves the outputs in XML, RSS and JSON formats.

7. Spinn3r

It allows us to fetch the entire website, blogs, social media sites, ATOM or RSS feeds. It saves the data in a readable and scalable format, thanks to its firehouse API for managing multiple forms of data with advanced spam protection. It helps get rid of spam and prevents inappropriate language use, improving the quality of your data and ensuring its safety.

8. OutWit Hub

It is a popular Firefox add-on with lots of features and data extraction characteristics. OutWit not only extracts data but stores and crawls your content in a proper and readable format. You can scrape any type of web page without any need of codes.

9. 80legs

It is yet another powerful and amazing web crawler and data scraping application. 80legs is a flexible tool that configures to your requirements and fetches lots of data instantly. This web scraper has scraped over 600,000 domains so far and is used by giants like PayPal.

10. Scraper

Scraper is a famous and useful Chrome extension with extensive data extraction properties and makes your online research easier. It exports the scraped data to Google sheets and is suitable for both beginners and experts. You can easily copy the data to its clipboards and Scraper generates tiny XPaths based on your requirements.